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From 01.07.2021, STAUB & CO. - SILBERMANN GmbH has taken over the production and marketing of deburit® products.

Chemical deburring

With chemical deburring, you always achieve a technically clean, burr-free and polished surface. The detached metal parts go into solution in the deburring liquid, the metal removal is the same on all surfaces.

deburit® has developed a modern process for chemical deburring, which allows highest surface smoothness on microscopic level.

  • The use of deburit® products is simple, safe and economical.
  • Coordinated working solutions are complemented by liquid concentrates for post-dosing.
  • Removal of all burrs.
  • Optimum surface smoothness, as well as edge rounding are achieved in the highest quality.
  • No hydrogen embrittlement occurs during treatment.

Suitable materials:

  • Carbon steels
  • Brass
  • Copper

Cleaning / Pickling / Preserving

Our product range includes a variety of customized chemical products for the metalworking industry:

  • For wet-chemical steel deburring with resharpenable concentrates for electroless, chemical-electrolytic applications.
  • Pickling stabilizers for the semi-finished product industry (rolling, pressing, molding, wire drawing)
  • Products for preservation, passivation, rust and tarnish protection.



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